Our Philosophy

1ο Store: Cyprus and Athens- Lamia . On-site disposal and sale of all products - Laboratory .

edelweiss gelato katastima athinon kyprou

2ο Store: Galaneika,Lamias  Located next to the church St. Athanasius in an area 1000sqm . Which host patisserie / gelaterie playground and cafe comfortably for organizing children's parties and other relevant events.

edelweiss gelato katastima papasiopoulou agios athanasios

edelweiss gelato freska ilika glikaFor Edelweiss Gelato, following closely the philosophy Zacharoplatikis and evolves constantly , according to all the new trends of ice cream as they are registered mainly in Italy and France and presented in major European shows .

By selecting fresh products and support the latest technology , the Edelweiss Gelato leader in the field of ice cream with 40 manodikes distinct flavors in Central Greece !

Life is so sweet!

Λεπτές και μοναδικές γεύσεις, νεωτεριστικές συσκευασίες με άποψη και γλυκά που διαφέρουν...

Κατάστημα 1ο

Edelweiss Gelato, Pastry Shop (Χάρτης)
Φθιώτιδα, Λαμία, Αθηνών 28, ΤΚ 35100
22310311111, info@edelweissgelato.gr

Κατάστημα 2ο

Edelweiss Gelato, Pastry Shop (Χάρτης)
Φθιώτιδα, Λαμία, Παπασιοπούλου 40
2231023003, info@edelweissgelato.gr

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